Flying Penguins


Nine students from ITEC Training solutions attended the second workshop day at National Museum Wales. After the flurry of initial excitement surrounding the distribution of the T-shirts (featuring the lovely flying penguin design) we soon got down to work. Highlights of the workshop for me included the design of: a turtle cruise ship; a cleaner sheep (I mean a sheep for cleaning, not one that’s just not as dirty!); a turtle bag; some very surreal penguin skittles (menaced by a bowling ball); a flying pig (and a flying squirrel); a rat hedgehog and a very cuddly ‘guard koala’. Special mention should also be made of David’s stackable herd of square cows – very useful because when built into an enclosure they provide shelter and milk at the same time. Though, thinking about it, it would probably be best to ensure that they’re stacked with their bottoms facing outwards! The afternoon ethical discussion was also a very lively affair with heated discussions racing up and down the table. All in all another great day for Future Animals at National Museum Wales.


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