Joining the Clan


As we think about the changing nature of human animal relationships we often draw upon experiences and stories to bring our ideas alive.  In doing this we have often referred to various books and one of our favourite series is the Chronicles of Darkness written by Michelle Paver.  

Wolf Brother is the  tale of Torek, a boy from about 6,000 years ago, and how he befriends a wolf.  The earliest domestic dog burials date from around this time (Skakeholm, Sweden) and the story brings to life how humans related to wild animals and how early acclimatisation, taming and then domestication may have occurred. 

A Bronze Age dog burial from Scotland

Fans of these books have an enthusiastic on-line community and yesterday we were interviewed for The Clan about Future Animals, archaeology, animals and art.  We set a competition for members to create a logo for their clan: open forest, deep forest, far north or sea clan.

We were very excited to hear about the new series of books Michelle is writing called Gods and Warriors – set in the Bronze Age and we hope to speak to The Clan again about the archaeology associated with both book series.


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