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Exhibition Opening Report

March 29, 2010

A great turn out for the opening at National Museum Wales

The  Future Animals exhibition had its official opening at National Museum Wales last Tuesday, 29th March.

All of the organisers were delighted with the turn out.

The morning began with an outline of the project and its achievements, some praise for all of the young designers and a few words of thanks from Ciara, Paul and Jacqui. We then had a chance to view the Future Animals film on the giant projector screen (Paul couldn’t help noticing the fact that the racing tortoise grew to the size of race horse – well scary!) before coffee and cakes in the museum restaurant.

After refreshments there was a chance to spend some quality time with the exhibition …

A young designer with his 'helicow'.

… before the students split into two groups and got a chance to compare their own creations with the work of international artists in the prestigious Artes Mundi exhibition that is currently on at NMW.

We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and we felt that it was a very fitting conclusion (for now at least) to this remarkable project.

Thanks for reading this blog and for taking part in Future Animals.

Ciara, Jacqui, Mike and Paul


Feather Boas and Racing Ducks

December 15, 2009

The third and final Future Animals workshop featured participants from Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr.

Plasmawr’s T-shirt design was based around a paw-print motif and had a clean, bold, graphic edge to it. Completely unfazed by a paparazzi consisting of TV crew from Ffiel; our own Future Animals film maker and a cameraman from the University, the students got on with creating artwork that really showed star potential! We all liked: the feather boa (geddit?); the racing ducks; the beautiful flying horse; the bumblelion; the pigmy whale (perfect for your fish tank); the kangaroo bag; the sheep cat and the helicow.

All of the students showed great interest in Ciara, Mike and Jacqui’s presentations on the origins of domestic animals and asked some very thought provoking questions … which fed nicely into the concluding ethical discussion.

Flying Penguins

December 15, 2009

Nine students from ITEC Training solutions attended the second workshop day at National Museum Wales. After the flurry of initial excitement surrounding the distribution of the T-shirts (featuring the lovely flying penguin design) we soon got down to work. Highlights of the workshop for me included the design of: a turtle cruise ship; a cleaner sheep (I mean a sheep for cleaning, not one that’s just not as dirty!); a turtle bag; some very surreal penguin skittles (menaced by a bowling ball); a flying pig (and a flying squirrel); a rat hedgehog and a very cuddly ‘guard koala’. Special mention should also be made of David’s stackable herd of square cows – very useful because when built into an enclosure they provide shelter and milk at the same time. Though, thinking about it, it would probably be best to ensure that they’re stacked with their bottoms facing outwards! The afternoon ethical discussion was also a very lively affair with heated discussions racing up and down the table. All in all another great day for Future Animals at National Museum Wales.


November 24, 2009

It was great to see the ideas that you’ve come up with for the Future Friends logo last week. Really good work. 

Here’s a reminder of some things to think about while perfecting your logo designs:

1) Is it bold? Does it stand out? Think of the Mcdonalds arches, Nike, Mickey Mouse: would you be able to recognise your logo from across the street? Best way to check this is to reduce it to about 3cm square on a photocopier.Or, if you can scan it, try reducing it in size in a graphics package and then print it out … or you could just draw it really small and see how it looks then.

2) Has it got a personality/sense of fun?

3) How does the lettering relate to any figure or icon or animal drawing that you have created for the logo (e.g. does it have the same quality of line)?

4) Will it work in two colours?

5) The logo will be will be used on a web site, on a t-shirt, as a sign for the  exhibition so … will it work in all of these applications?

Have fun and see how many different ideas you can up with.

All of your logo designs will feature on the sketchbook pages of the future friends web site. The best logo from each group will also be adapted into a T-shirt design.

The best logo from these will then feature on the web site and as signage for the exhibition!